Solid Gear Extreme Performance Winter is according to us the ultimate winter sock. We have combined the best materials with the latest and most advanced technology in sock manufacturing. The heat-regulating and moisture wicking Merino Wool in combination with extra padding in the sole of the foot provides state-of-the-art insulation and comfort. The best quality Merino Wool makes it perfect for those with frozen toes or cold days. The nice fit with the wide cuff keeps socks comfortably in place. Adapted from the right and left foot for a perfect fit. Material: 39 % Nylon 29 % Polyester Thermocool 13 % Merino Wool 15 % Polypropylene 2 % Copper 2 % Elastane Sizes: 35–38 39–42 43–46 47–49


Features and details 







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